Our Story

Javiva Adventures was born out of passion and desire to share with in-depth the magical gems that Africa has so granted us the privilege to access.
Have you started planning your safari on your own? Are you overwhelmed with all the information out there?

Let us save you the trouble and help you plan a safari that is completely tailored to you. We can discuss your travel passions and help you begin the planning process for your dream safari.

Our Values


To be of great help to every individual and family so that they can have extraordinary travel experiences by giving them only the best options for their tour and travel needs.


To be the preferred tours and travel company not only for our credibility for
offering remarkable services but also our ability to make a difference and touch
people’s lives.


In order to achieve our mission and vision, we have teamed-up and made an alliance with established and reputable travel institutions, networks and hotel industry to provide our clients with sophisticated systems to meet their holiday needs as easy, simple and enjoyable as possible.