Lake Naivasha Area

Here the birdlife is full, varied and constant as is the parade of wildlife with over 100 species of hunters and grazers.

As befitting such a variety of landforms, you’ll find more types of safaris here than anywhere else on earth…each one allowing you to enjoy a different aspect of the wildlife! Take a water safari to get close to the birdlife, then hike, bike or even horseback ride past zebra, giraffe and antelope. The possibilities, like the wildlife, are endless.

The Lake Naivasha Area is a constant gift of surprise, color and nature’s bounty. You’ll find plenty for everyone here.

The parks, preserves, lakes and attractions described below are all a short drive from each other.

About Lake Naivasha Park

This high-altitude, freshwater lake with its sterling blue waters hosts hippo and many other aquatic life. You can take a water safari and enjoy the rich birdlife of cormorant and pelican while zebra and antelope graze nearby on the shore.

The area is characterized by plentiful acacia trees and flower farms awash with roses and carnations.

The lake also serves as a life-giving watering hole for buffalo, eland, impala and waterbuck so be ready for lots of active game viewing. And it’s not impossible to come upon a leopard during a game drive.